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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Awesome Yet Sadly Underused Words

Here is a list of words that need to be incorporated more into daily life and literature!

Bibulous: excessively fond of alcohol
Cantankerous: cranky
Concupiscence: horniness
Desuetude: A state of obsolescence
Disingenuous: insincere
Festoon: To adorn or decorate
Fulsome:Insincere to the point of being grating
Futz: to fool around
Gallivant: to roam joyfully
Lubricious: Arousing sexual desire
Maladroit: Tactless or clumsy
Malfeasance: Wrongdoing
Mercurial: Fickle or erratic (unless we're talking 50 Shades of Grey, then it is overused.)
Numinous: Awe-inspiring
Panoply: An impressive array
Quash: To suppress
Skulduggery: Underhanded behavior
Susurrus: A whisper or murmur
Vituperative: Bitter or abrasive

Now, go futz with these words and gallivant with them!!