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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Let's Get Creative With It!

Sometimes new ideas seem very elusive and creativity seems to be on a vacation but that shouldn't stop you from writing.

Sometimes you just need a boost or kick in the butt!!

So, what can you do??

You could listen to music. I have a soundtrack to everything I write, whether it's a story or an academic paper, I have a set of songs that have inspired me somehow.

You could get away from the computer and write everything by hand. First off, it helps stop distractions (Candy Crush... Twitter...). Secondly, the feeling of physically writing and the smell of a new notebook will help boost your creativity.

You could daydream. I swear, some of my best ideas have came from daydreaming while folding laundry or doing dishes.

You could drink a little alcohol... now, don't go get wasted but being a little tipsy will loosen you up and will help you think outside the box.

You could lie down and maybe even nod off. Sometimes your brain just needs a break.

You could go outside. Fresh air and natural sunlight are great creativity boosters. Being in  natural setting helps to stimulate the imagination.

You could exercise and blow off some steam.  If you exercise your body, you are ultimately exercising your mind. Again, I get some pretty good ideas will on my run.

One thing I do to help boost my creativity down the line is I keep a notebook and I write down the random ideas I get as I get them. See, on a day where nothing is coming to me I look through my notebooks and inspiration typically hits!

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