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Monday, November 14, 2016

Whoa... We're Half Way There...

So, tomorrow marks the halfway point of National Novel Writing Month. As of now I am at just a smidgen over 25,000 words and completely exhausted. So, I thought I would share some tips to keep you going.

Do you need to up your word count? You could start by adding extra scenes. Some of those extra scenes might feel like fluff but you never know when an extra scene will pull your story out of a rut. Here are some examples of scenes you could add:
  • A scene of dialog between the main protagonist and a small child. 
  • A scene where two characters have a drunk late night chat. This adds to the word count sufficiently as drunk people tend to repeat themselves and also have conversations that go in circles.
  • Have your character go into reflective mode. Did something major just happen to them? Have them think about it and its possible implications. 
  • Have a character avoid making a decision and have them argue about it instead. A good argument always ups your word count.
  • Add a sex scene or multiple. You can be extremely descriptive and come up with some creative blocking. 
Something else you have to do if you want to reach 50k words is to allow yourself to write some garbage. Tell your inner editor to take a break and just write.

I really hope that everyone is doing well on their NaNoWriMo mission!

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