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Monday, September 17, 2018

#AuthorToolboxBlogHop: Reading While Writing

Friend: How can you read while you're working on your story?

Me: Because reading makes me a better writer.

And it really does. I couldn't imagine being able to write a decent sentence, let alone an entire novel, without reading. 

Friend: Do you ever accidentally copy things from the books you read?

Me: Nope, but I have found inspiration in books.

Basically, I make sure I read books that both have something and nothing to do with what I am writing. My current story is a bit of thriller and involves witches/witchcraft. So, here are the books I have been reading lately:

One of these isn't quite like the other... Two are YA novels about witches. I read these in order to see what is working with witches in novels. I also read them to make sure my story doesn't resemble anything that is out there, at least not too closely. Two books are thrillers/mysteries. Again, I read these to see what is trending in the genre and to make sure my story isn't too similar. And one of them is strictly for my pleasure. I mean, Denis Leary is hilarious!!

I know that reading while writing can be dangerous. It can lead to accidental plagiarism. It can make you feel like your writing will never add up. But it can also be useful market research and it can be very inspiring. I recommend it. 

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