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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

#AuthorToolboxBlogHop: Outside Your Comfort Zone

While I am a firm believer that you should write what you love, what you know a lot about, and what you're comfortable with, I do think you should get outside you comfort zone every once in a while.

Lately I've been in a writing rut so I decided to try writing in a way I normally don't, I've started writing poetry. I normally write YA/Fantasy but writing poetry has opened up a new type of creative beast in me. It has made me think about sentence structure and the rhythm of my prose in a whole new light.

So, if you are ever in a rut or stuck, try taking your WIP and switch its genre. Writing a mystery thriller? Try turning it into sci-fi. Writing YA romance? Try lyrical prose. If you aren't comfortable doing that with you WIP, try just starting fresh with a short story outside of your typical genre. 

Sorry this post is so short. My computer froze up and I lost my work, but I still wanted to get something posted!! See you all next month!!

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