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Friday, October 7, 2016

Write What?!?

So, you have decided to dive in and take part in National Novel Writing Month, but what should you write about?


You can write from the usual genres, like sci-fi or romance. You can dip you fingers into memoir or erotica. You can mesh genres together and come up with something completely new and unique. You could even go old school and write a verse novel (think the Iliad or the Odyssey.)

You could try to take a page out of Once Upon a Time's book and rewrite a fairy tale, modernize it or maybe explore a character that isn't part of the main story. Or rewrite history or show what the history books leave out. 

Honestly, you can write about whatever your heart desires. My only piece advice would be to write about something you love or something you are interested in learning more about because writing about something you are not passionate about is miserable. 

Tomorrow I will be discussing whether or not it's a good idea to read while trying to write your own story.

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